Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hphotos-xfa1 - why is River better than the other tools?

Most of the apps for Instagram provide you with the bot/coin likes or/and followers. The main reason why we created River was that we were looking for a legit way to grow Instagram accounts organically and we were just tired of testing one tool after another.
We want to make a difference in Instagram world and instead of bots we provide you with the REAL people who can engage with your content and/or buy your products. It's been proven by many marketing experts that Instagram is the best marketing channel to drive traffic to your website, your online shop, or just to build your subscription list, that you can use anytime further.
So, how do we help? Most of the other apps we saw, provide you with a fixed growth number that, for example, they will bring you 1000 new followers every month. With REAL people it is impossible to guarantee the fixed number of people who will follow you back. Real people will do whatever they want and if you follow them, they can decide if they will like or comment a few of your photos or maybe even follow you back. Whateve they'll decide to do it is always million times better, as they're your targeted audience, not bot-coin likes or fake followers.
Other types of tools can offer a similar technique we use, but because they do not play according to Instagram limits, and offer a very automated, bot-like actions (which can be easily detected), can lead you to have your account blocked. A lot of our customers used some of those tools before and had their account blocked.
Last, but not least, we're proud of our River Team (we're hiring) enthusiastically working 24/7 from allover the globe. Our team works from the US, Europe and SouthEast Asia. We are here to help you not only grow engagement on your IG account, but also to help you with your overall Instagram strategy, all you have to do is to reach out :)

Let us show you the difference! Sign up for a 7-day Free Trial now: No credit card required.

All best,

Asia Zukowska  
Co-founder, River by Colibri IO
180 Sansome Street, CA 94104, San Francisco

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