Friday, March 30, 2018

Hphotos-xfa1 - who knows what is even meant by "great content"?

Hello, Hphotos-xfa1

Pretty much every article you read about Instagram marketing and how to get more engagement mentions the same general idea: post great or quality content.

But what exactly makes an Instagram post "good" or "high-quality"?

The new Instagram algorithm favors posts with high engagement, so when a post receives a ton of likes and comments, this signals to the algorithm that it's high-quality content that other users might want to see.

Writing good Instagram captions with effective call-to-actions (CTAs) is one of the best ways to inspire your followers to comment on your posts, which will help drive even more engagement with your Instagram account!

So, this is your checklist on how to write the perfect Instagram caption.

1. Unlock all five senses in your writing:

Describe what the place looks like and the light and the colors of things you can see in the picture.
Describe the sound. What are you hearing?
Describe the weather and temperature. How was the evening?
Describe the smell. Is the smell fruity, woody, sharp, sweet, or chemical?
Describe the taste. Is it sweet or spicy?

2. Storytelling always helps.

What is this?
When did it happen?
Where is it?
Why are you showing this? Why did this happen?
Who is the main character of the story? Who is the enemy in this situation?
How did you get there? How did it happen?

3. Solve your audience's problems

Identify a common problem in your business or industry and imagine how that problem can be solved.
Give them the solution.
Then construct a sentence that mentions these three key points.

4. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram and should be used on every post to increase reach. Choose 10-15 relevant hashtags to include in your caption. Don't use popular hashtags like #tagforlikes or #onedirection or #love. Using general hashtags actually, end up not showing your photo on any of the hashtag.

Every time you are thinking about adding a hashtag, ask yourself this question:

"Is this hashtag ONLY used by my target audience or by other people on Instagram?"

YES: add the hashtag. NO: do not add the hashtag.

So there you have it! The recipe for great Instagram captions and high-quality content:

1 nice picture
2 ounces of creativity
½ grams of inspiration
1 pound of originality
A few words

And Voila!

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