Friday, December 12, 2014

Smarmy Crumpet

So it was only a matter of time before I drug a British bike home. To be honest I'm surprised it's taken this long. So here she is. A 1969 T120R Bonneville. 

It's got a bolt on hardtail section and 6 over fork tubes. Rear wheel is laced to a 16" Harley rim and it came with a octo oil bag. Otherwise generally stock. Some butt head welded the fender to the frame and added some flamey bits on the axle plates so there's a bit of frame clean up that will need doing. 

Eli and me had to bring it into the garage through the house cuz I've got the main door boarded up for winter, but all good.

Bike came with tons of extras including a full gasket kit, all new cables, new headers, and a bunch of other crap. 

The plan was to built it quick and maybe flip it in the spring to fund a H-D 45 project, but I've been scared into doing a complete engine tear down by British guys who warn of catastrophic failures due to dirty sludge traps. This lovely bit of engineering genius is at the heart of the engine accessible only by pulling the flywheel. British buggers. So if I'm gonna put that much effort in i may end up keeping it. We will see. 

So. So far I have disassembled the bike, started cleaning up the wheels with rust remover and such. Got the old crusty tires off which was an absolute struggle!, hacked off the fender and cleaned up the frame, and now I've got the top end of the motor torn down. Gonna try and get into the bottom end next week. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Antiquated Shovel

The squares will freak out when they see this chopper
#murderbling #blackandchromewontgetuhome 
81 Shovelhead               

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Black Eyed Dog

Don't think I've posted anything of the finished Panhead since I got it done for Chop Meet. Here's a few pics. Still some tuning to do and a couple issues to resolve, but for my first complete motor assembly from the flywheels up and my first complete 4 speed transmission assembly I'm damn please with the results.

Chop Meet 4

Ok it's been a while, but I'm finally getting around to doing a chop meet 4 post. We had a great day as usual. Super weather (other than the torrential down pour Brian and I rode in to set up the swap), great people from across the country and some of the most amazing bikes I've seen.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Kooky Times in the Queen City

Eli and Liam know how to party. For realz!!! Had a great time at the first annual Kook-Out in Regina. Thanks boys for the good times!

Great to see the DeathWheelers Crew as well as the usual suspects from down south.

Cypress Run

Road trippin with the family. After a storm warning forced our Flin Flon trip to be reconsidered the night before we left we decided to head for the only patch of sunshine on the radar map. Cypress Hills ended up being the destination and it worked out just fine. Great trip. Super weather, just enough breakdowns to make it interesting, but nothing we couldn't fix on the road. Dad jumped on the White Lightning and joined in this year too, which was awesome. After 45 years of not riding a motorcycle. Great to have him along. The Shovelhead shoveled right along with no issues and completed the 1200 kms without complaining a bit. Had to repair a rear brake line at one point but that's the only issue it gave me. Sweet.

Cypress Hills Family Run 2014 from J.Epp (I_am_10_ninjas) on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 12, 2014