Saturday, November 3, 2012

The devil made me do it

Swap meet run to Regina this morning. As per usual, the local tables were NOT filled with vintage chopper gold, so we turned our attentions to functional items. A guy we bought some stuff from last year was there again and had a few interesting items including this Delkron Case Stroker Shovel motor with a RevTech 4 speed Ratchet top. It was sitting in one of the ugliest Smith Bros. frames I'd ever seen. He also had a few cow pie tranny's in various states of disarray and a few bits and bobs of pan valve stuff. Wheels started turning and before I knew it Brian and I had bought the whole lot as a package investment deal. Hahha. Plans arn't finalized as to exactly what will become of it all, but hopefully we'll make a return on an ultimately small investment.

 Got a chance to hang out a bit with Liam, Andy, Ben, and Willie too which was rad. Great to see those crazy cats. All up we made out alright. trip well worth it.

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