Thursday, December 13, 2012

Born Free Bound

Yes yes y'all. My honey pie, the very talented Mrs. Ninjas, scored big this year being awarded a huge arts grant for a project that'll pay her way to L.A. in June and guess whose tagging along? We're packin up the whole fam'damnly and heading for the coast. Ooooo yeah. Plans are in their infancy, but if all goes according to plan I'll be loading up the shovel too so I can ride through the gates at Oak Canyon Ranch for the greatest show on earth. Gawd'damn!

The last time I made it to Cali., BF2


  1. Wow! Being able to take that trip with your whole family AND ride your bike to Born Free is fucking awesome! Congrats to the Mrs as well.

  2. Awesome Bro! I dont think ill be able to go to BF5 now.. your gunna have a blast.

  3. Sweet man! Hopefully I'll see you there!