Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Panhead Project update

Thought I'd put a status update together for anyone following my Panhead Dreams.
I got the Cases back from Bernie yesterday who did a few adjustments here and there to make things tickity boo.

Welded up the timing plug hole, fixed up a weld on a broken engine mount and then machined the cases to match perfectly because the left case is a 1951and the right is a 1964. This brings us to the next challenge.

The next challenge is that right now THIS is my panhead engine. Ohhh my.


Now. The fact that one half of the bottom end is from 1951 and the other half is from 1964 actually causes a wealth of issues. They have a completely different shaft and bearing system. Fortunately, after a few hours of sloothing I've determined that whoever started putting this project together build the flywheel assembly specifically for this motor and everything from the right flywheel over is set up for the '64 case and everything from the left flywheel over is built for the '51. Phew.

I was laying out parts on the pizza box cataloging them by looking through two Panhead service manuals and a parts catalogue.

Tonight I'll go back to what I'm good at and start washing the dishes again. Yes Polishing turds! Once all the bearings are greased and everything is clean clean clean I'll be ready to try putting the halves back together. Unfortunately, the manuals say for a '51 engine you need to start by putting the right case on and for a '64 you need to start with the left case. Shit. Chicken Egg.

As for the top end, the heads are currently with Jason Parker in Toronto getting turned into something awesome!! I've got new Jugs and just need one or two little bits to have everything. It's time to put my money where my mouth is and dive in.


  1. Wow man, that's a pretty ambitious task you're taking on. Very cool.
    Can you not convert the early left case to a Timken tapered bearing? Might be an easier way to go in the long run?

  2. Yeah man thanks. I'm definitely out of my comfort zone, but looking forward to the challenge. Could probably convert the left side, but I already have everything I need to put it together so I think I'll just stick with period correct. haha