Monday, March 11, 2013

Shovel luv

Putting some time into the shovel. Rebuilt the oil pump, finally! And I reapplied the tank badges that have never really been straight. Also did a little rewiring just to clean things up a bit. Gotta get her all tickityboo cuz she's currently my only bike. That's a little scary but also awesome.


  1. that shit is fukkin rad dude. are you still glad you built that shov into a fat chop, instead if skinny? the pan's gonna be skinny tho, eh?

  2. .... i think you misspelled tickytiboo...

  3. Oh yeah. Super happy with my beefy '80's Shovel Chop. But yes the Pan will be a '60's style skinny-like-yo-dick kinda chop.