Sunday, July 14, 2013


In a nut shell...awesome.

Long Beach Swap

Ryan Grossman's Chun HQ

Alboy's Chopper storage and Blackboard Cafe HQ

 Back in Long Beach

Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist gallery hopping

 Deus Ex Machina

Venice Beach

Cruising Long Beach Pacific Coast Highway

 Huntington Beach Surf Competitions

Back up at Alboy's and a fun photo shoot with Carey Quinton Haider

CutRate Open shop event.

 DicE Born Free Pre-party with The Black Tibetans and the Cormans

Garage Company

 Show Class Magazine People's Choice Builder Award for Born Free 5 at Cook's Corner

Liam and Eli as seen at In'n Out Burger
 Born Free 5 at 114 degrees F

Riding down the coast to Oceanside

Our O-side cottage

A short BBQ stop at the Stopnicks and friends.

Pack it up pack it in

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