Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Evo Kicker

Met an old biker dude who can't ride no more. What's almost as sad is that he has to sell his horse. I told him I'd spread the word as he is completely computer illiterate. Couldn't even get a pic from him. Well, he said he'd mail me one. "mail"??? I might as well go take one myself if I get a chance. Good excuse to have a beer and talk bikes.

1984 Evo Kicker done up Fatboy-ish. Basically everything is re-done. This is the note he wrote up for me. Not the easiest to understand but I could clarify a bit and if you're serious, I got his name and number. He's looking for around $10K. Says he's got receipts for $7-8K of upgrades.

I could be wrong but my understanding is that they made both Shovels and Evos in '84, and apparently only 2700 Evos with kickers. Sounds sweet if it's true.

Bike is in Saskatoon.

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