Tuesday, October 22, 2013

XS360 revisited

 If you go back far enough on the Antiquated Mule you may find the project bike that started it all for me. My first two wheeled turd, a 1976 XS360 I got for $500. I knew nothing about mechanics, motorcycle or otherwise and had only ever ridden out on the farm with antiquated 125's and the like.
Well only a few years later and here I am going into the winter building season and I'm building a panhead motor, transmission, wheels, forks, and basically everything else from the ground up and with old rotton pieces of chopper history long forgotten. We've come a long way Baby!

So I was pleased when my search for an adequate bike for my wife Carole led me to...you guessed it, a 1976 XS360. This one I got for $300. Looking forward to the new version of the original Black Sparrow.

Here's a sneek peek at the direction we'll be aiming for come spring.


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