Monday, November 4, 2013

November ride's and Shop Updates

Went for a last coffee run with Cole and Brian on Saturday. Glad we did because chunks of ice literally fell from the sky on Sunday covering our streets with snow and ice.

Temp wasn't too bad, but cold enough that Brian's kickstand snapped. Ended up leaning the bike on a tree like a real gangster. haha
Also scored this little XS400 parts bike to help with Carole's XS360 project this winter. She's a runner and near complete for $150. Couldn't resist.

And just in the nick of time  I got Carole moved into her new warm and cozy basement studio leaving another quarter of the garage open for me to scoop in and fill up. Gonna be nice to have the extra space this winter and I actually got all the bikes in too. Stoked.

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  1. The garage looks great! Shit, is there a displacement that didn't get the title XS? 250, 360, 400, 650, 750, 1100... Seems a little...XS-ive.