Friday, July 8, 2011

New Riddle..... Otter lake styles

Hey boys,
been wanting to give a shout to y'all and show you some pics of my isolated life on the Canadian Sheild. Unfortuantely or fortunately my Crackberry tethering gives me access to the blog (sweet van, I lost a pipe in one just like it years ag0!) But it does not seem to want me to upload any pics, so I'll give you a riddle and you can google it up.

What has 1100 Hp split between two turbine engines and cruises at 120-135 Knots Indicated - It would be faster except for the big as Cap Floats hanging off of it.

Hint: Designed & built in Canada circa 1968

A smile and nod to who ever gets a pic and Manufacturer on the blog first,

A Beer the next time I am in town if someone gets a pic of QOQ up there.

I am missing all the fun of two wheels this summer but it's worth it in a lot of ways.
I have traded my two wheels for two large chunks of aluminium and a Fuck ton of dirty lumber loads & mornings that come way to early!!!

Keep the rubber side Down Boys

Okay. My best guess is a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter. - 10ninjas

Not sure, but I think Keno is the pudgy one on the far right wearing capri's with his hands in his pockets watchin' everyone else work.

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