Wednesday, May 9, 2012


No no, not Lee for scoring a cheap as chips tight as a sphincter genny. I'm spewing over the amount of bolt on foolishness on my Glide. After adding up all the Willie G. Skull action on my ride I decided to add up all the other H-D add ons that grace or graced the Ghetto Glide. We're talking blacked out components, chrome this and that etc. Looks like some dork payed over $2700 for bolt on custom glory. That's not including the after market pipes, passenger pegs, highway pegs, stage one kit, and a few other goodies that are not H-D brand. This also does not include the $72hr shop fee that Redline would charge to put these golden nuggets of shit onto the bike. Now I ask you. We're probably looking at close to $5000 worth of time and shit that didn't make your bike ride any better, faster, or even make it one of a kind, because I can find all this stuff on the harley site and buy it, soooooo....????? and that's when I puked. Because Lee just bought a complete '66 Shovelhead for less than this guy (and man others like him) spent on blinging out his Glide.

I know I know. I shouldn't judge. Honestly it's just not my style. So I'm gonna put all the Willie G. Skull stuff up for sale on Kijiji as soon as I find suitable, more tasteful, replacements. So if you know anyone looking to skull out a bagger send them my way. I promise not to laugh as I take their money.


  1. I have the wifey On board from buying old Harley's now so this could get messy

  2. On board? You mean she wants you to buy old harleys?

  3. me mah's the only other wife i've ever heard of who supports t he purchase of two wheeled adventure machines.

    my own mrs..., less so.