Thursday, May 24, 2012


Put some new bits on the glide today. This bolt on customizing is the shit. Catalog ordered, on in minutes.

Also tracked down the brake bleeding issue on the dual disk of the shovel. Turns out it was the shitty Taiwanese master cylinder. Scrounged an old crust OEM harley one outta my parts boxes and bammo! Brake action.


  1. nice. you've got a keen eye for style, my friend.
    that shorty windshield is all like, "I'm to short to really do anything as a windshield, so obviously I'm hear purely for aesthetics. I don't even have to deflect, I just hafta be black and look cool. With a visor. I'm like LaVar Burton, bitch."

  2. yip. feels good to have the wind in the whiskers again. shields are for cages.