Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From Swamp Donkey to Water Mule

 So I did a few interior patches and got the inside painted nice a few weeks back
 The next weekend I got a primer coat on.
 Finally decided on a colour and although I wasn't going with the metal flake some assholes put a bug in my ear and I ended up spending way too much on what has turned out to be the proper metal flake paint.

 It is a full on ameture job but is looking pretty sweet.
 Polished some bits and put them on last weekend.
I am over the hump on this one just some seats to do up get the engine back on and a steering wheel and it'll be ready.... I am thinking I will be done the day the last lake in SK finally freezes over completely. But at least I will free up the garage to get started on the next one on the list.  Next summer is going to be sweet living on the lake!


  1. Hahaha Swamp Donkey! perfct. Shit thats looking sweet bro. You're gonna have a beauty of a water mule there.

  2. fukking awesome dude, that colour is titties! the cats ass!

  3. The colour is a close match to nissan's burnt orange from their 350Z a few shades off left or right I don't know, but I am stoked on how it turned out!!! I'll be cruzin in style on the lake. You guys will have to take a ride up for some fishin next summer!