Monday, October 22, 2012

Snow is falling.

Yes it's that time where we don't see the outside for 5 months or so. I am guessing that everyone has a busy building season as do I. Been working on lots of bars lately. Made a killer set for Willie the Pan shovel, they are super comfy.

Also am beginning to make the sissy bar.

Going to red deer for the fall swap meet so trying to get some product done so I can supply homies with there building needs. Should be lots of fun Jord and Brian should be there so we'll have to meet up and have a brew.

Lee from Hambone Kustoms


  1. Folks ,
    My band the PREYING SAINTS and a couple others are playing the VAT in Red Deer saturday night!
    STOP BY FOR BEER and a ROCK n ROLL shitfight! lol
    ...if not I'll see ya at the swap meet in the morning !

  2. Those Bars on the left are mine. Right?

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  4. dude that bitchbar is so sikkass i can smell the vomit all the way from saskatchewan