Monday, May 13, 2013


Here's a few from the weekend. Opened up the carb on Carole's CT1 The Lil Desert Rose and found this. Cleaned it up and took the worst of it over to Dirk who put it through his Ultrasonic cleany thingy and putter all back together. Starts first kick now. Boom ring ding.

Actually had some good luck with bikes this weekend. Currently all three of my steeds are running at optimal muleage. The XT needs the rear brake cleaned and a petcock rebuild, the headlights keep blowing and the signals dont work quite right, but she's running strong. The CT1 needs a tune up and about a million little things (poor neglected nelly), and the shovel is well timed now and the clutch seems to be pretty well sorted, but I've still got an intake leak that's driving me insane. pop pop fart fart.

Regardless of the bappity bap bap I got the shovel out a couple times and even went on a little trek with Cole last night. Oh and the OG antiquated mule got a primo parking spot on the drive way because it's plates have expired and I'm too broke fixing bikes to renew. hahah

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