Monday, April 4, 2011

Bike for sale

This is my cousins bike. Selling it b/c he bought a new one this year. A good customizer bike.
1996 Sportster 1200. Straight pipe exhaust with Big City Thunder baffles installed. Hypercharger intake. Forward controls. 10 inch mini ape hangers (has a drag bar as well). Brand new rear tire. Lowered rear suspension. (I bet it would look good black with the drag bar and a 21' spoker up front. See me for details re: the 21")

So we were driving to ND to get our bikes a few weeks ago and had to stop in the middle of nowhere to take a leak. Got out of the truck, looked around and saw 5 dead deer right beside the road. Either a mass suicide or short round of 5-pin "Doe Bowling". STRIKE! weird.

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