Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pommie Performance

Well it handles far better than I expected. Quite good actually despite the heavy front end. That extra big sprocket in the back makes a bIG difference in Jam fo sho. Gonna need one of those for Dale this year!! Brakes well, engine runs strong. Small flat spot just off idle until it warms up. Not sure if it's just running lean or if I'll need to change the pilot jets to something bigger, but all in all...really sweet. I think I'll get some plates for it and ride it while it's listed cuz it's gonna be a super fun little machine.


  1. fukkin eh, dude! so how bout a performance review? i mean, if course i wanna ride it, but i wanna hear your first imptressions!

  2. Beauty, looking forward to a little rip round the block!!