Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monstor Cycle-Man-I-A bitch Post

Well it was a great weekend of bike talk, beer, psychobilly, roller derby bouts and bullshit. Here's a few highlights.
Will rolled down from little La with a crew to take ownership of one Will Power. Cool cat. Good to meet you dude, got me thinkin about a Northern trek on Dale this summer.

Another satisfied HamBone customer.

Met the Cycle Boys from Brandon Manitoba. Super cool cats, bikes, parts and paint. Keep an eye out for these guys.

This whole tank was done with a sharpie and then cleared. looked amazing.

Local Lowbrow'rs the Bastards were out in usual style and had a few new bikes and bits to show off.
Two highlights for me were Rich's Evo sporting a killer new paint and seat combo...

and Jessop's (Loco Bastardo of 50's Haze) Killer Pan/Shovel. In my mind, best in show. Can't wait to roll around town next to that.

The best part of Cyclemania is always shooting the shit and thanks to the MC living room display this year we had plenty of opportunity for that.

Got to chat with a guy from Sweden who used to race sidecar dirt trackers and ran XS650 engines that he claims he had bore and stroked to 950cc. Awesome. Shot the shit for a while with "Moose" outta North Battleford and got a chance to meet Robin and his Dad from 50's Haze.

Great to meet you all and feel free to give us a shout any time yer in town. In the end I guess the judges appreciated the informal gathering place that was our display, enough to award HamBone and me the award for Best Group Display. We were proud to say that every beer can in the display was drunk in the display. No outside recycling was transported in.


  1. It's funny how we aren't even hold that trophy thing. I thought they just called us up there because we were in trouble for drinking boxer beer all weekend and cutting down the gay new school bikes.

  2. yeah, but I never did receive my spanking. Although come to think of it I think the punishment for drinking boxer beer all weekend is the allergic reaction and cold sweats.

  3. Hey brothers! Was awesome to meet you guys at Cyclemania. LOL Just found this blog today lol! A dollar short and a day late eh? I am a fan. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you guys. Moose