Monday, May 9, 2011

1978 XS 750 For Sale

Finally got her all together and looking sharp. I was gonna give her a name as it seems like the thing to do these days, but "Thunder Road Pickle Dog Cat" was already taken ( I would have liked to keep her for a while to rip around the city with, but she needs to go to help pay for bigger bikes. Runs really good (pretty fast too), patented Du Keeps muffler baffles work like a charm. "Bark Bark Bark". Removing the airbox and adding the pod filters probably knocked off 5-10lbs. I also changed the bars to prevent limp wrist syndrome. I'm looking to get around $1200-ish from interested mules or associates. This vid is from pre-cosmetic surgery (just did the exhaust).

1 comment:

  1. Hey man, you got that turd pretty darn shiny. Nice job. I can say from experience that this XS is a blast on the gravel and equally fun in the fields. I assume it drives on pavement as well. Pretty cheap ask, man.