Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike Trip 2011

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The preliminary route for the Bike Trip 2011 (needs a better name). Aiming for Aug 26-29.

Day 1 - Stoon - Edmonton (526km) for the Sprint Car races Friday night! (Youtube it. 800hp=Awesome!!!)
Day 2 - Edmonton-Jasper (364km). A short ride so I'm thinking tour around the park a bit when we get there. Mt. Edith Cavell Glacier is a cool ride. So is Maligne Lake.
Day 3 - Jasper-Calgary (415km or 546km). Also a short day but those that are interested can add 130km by going through Peter Lougheed Park and Bragg Creek. A worthwhile detour me thinks.
Day 4 - Calgary - Stoon (613km).

I know it's longer than last year, but really, how many bike trips are you taking this year? And it's only 4 days. You didn't buy that thing just to look at it did you?

Thoughts??? Suggestions???


  1. Awesome. Thanks for kicking this off Keeps. I'm in. I know a few of the Weener-bag-o riders were looking for possibly a longer ride this year and I'd suggest that in that case we folks with the kinda jobs and families that don't allow for such week long ventures could meet up with the voyageurs along the way somewhere should they decide to extend the map that Keeps has suggested. I'd also like to suggest "Jasper Jones'n" as the run name.

  2. I think I may have to meet up with you guys and put some miles on....