Sunday, May 15, 2011

No seat post frame?

UPDATE!!!!! More pics.
Looks like I might be in a similar boat as ninja with id ing the shovelhead frame. In the serial number it has the letters fal and pro. Kinda a strange frame not having a seat post rather it has tubes on either side of the hard tail. Haven't done a whole lot of searching yet but thought I'd see what you all say about it in the mean time. The guy i bought it from said it was hard tailed by a place in van city but maybe he meant the hardtail frame was made by a place in van. Something cool is it has some of those fancy adjustable rake triples.

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  1. this thing started out as an fxr. the bolt on the backpart on the trans is where is used to bolt into the swingarm. looks pretty neat, ride it. thanks for posting