Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One for the ladies

So it's valentines day and although this hallmark holiday is usually all but ignored in our house I thought I'd give you guys something that you and your ladies can both enjoy. As some of you know Mrs. Ninjas is a ceramic artist and creates amazingly macabre figurines with agendas. A few years back Carole took me out to Warman to meet an artist named Clint Neufeld. Clint makes ceramic casts of engine parts and then reassembles the entire engine as a ceramic sculpture. The result is fantastic. These life sized motors, tranny's, axles and more are exquisite.

Clint's got a show going up in early March in the Edmonton area.

If you're out that way make sure you take the little lady out to see some culture and check these things out.


  1. Holy crap! Now that seems tedious! Fine work. I like.

  2. It's hard enough making the real parts go together.

  3. I'd love to see/have a v-twin made!!