Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chewin away

Hey guys lookin forward to seeing what the Hate machine shows us from born free. I figured it would be appropriate to get some of my random shit in before that happens. You guys may recall a previous post outlining all the random projects I've collected. I definitely bit off more than I can chew Since I have been making it back to the Keno Moto shop more often this summer I'm actually making progress. Shane's 650 is back together now and the last time I was down I picked up the next project on the list. After some confusion around how to register a trailer from the early 60's that hasn't been in the system for 17 years I got a plate and went out to the farm to pick up the Comet Traveler.

I removed the three other plates from the trailer and put the shiny new one on. About 10 k out of the city it curled up in the wind and then blew off. So this project is off to a great start!! I still have high hopes cause I live across the street from the damn lake!

Also wanted to show you guys the mules I get to drive around in up here.

And a little Saskatchewan scenery from the Uranium city area seldom seen by most

 I had an issue with rotating this one but I took it in the long abandoned Candu High of Uranium City thought it was clever. If your ever there I highly recommend a tour eerie and really should be used for the set of a Stephen King movie


  1. Typical Saskatchewan boy; showing off his tractor. hahaha. sweet stuff man. one of these days I've got to make a trip up north for a visit.

  2. thanks for the pics, dude. much appreciated!