Thursday, June 21, 2012

My first motorcycle

was a 1981 Kawasaki Spectre 750, I didn't even know how to ride. My buddy test rode it and said it was ok so I bought it. Got my learners and started riding.... Soon after I decided I needed to customize it. So I flipped the rear upper shock mounts to lower tail, home made seat, trailer fender on the rear, different signals and a maltese cross tail light (that I stole from the Borden motorcycle wrecking yard) This was my first attempt at a flamed paintjob.... the 4into1 kerker header came with the bike..


  1. Hahah. Sounds like me man. Billy test drove the black sparrow for me and I got on it a few days later when I finally got my learners test done. Gotta love first bikes.

  2. good lookin flame job first attempt or not. Still got it? or has it moved on?

    the black sparrow is currently not being run. a real scruffy, mello, blond, hippy lookin dude-the current owner- Colin, mighta bin.., said it was nearly a victum of theft! thievs tried to simply wheel it away in the wee hours one night. They were scared of by his intimidating neighbour, who gave chase to them for good measure. but alas, the burglars did not feel there was adiquate time to put the side stand down before they fled. I guess they dropped it hard enough to damage it so it needs repairs befor it's runnable. Colin was real generous with his time, as i was harassing him infront of his house while he was trunna get some yardwork done. He seem delighted to hear of some of the history of the mini mule, and that there was a blog dedicated to such a genre of beast. he may be lurkin and reading these words right now as you do. weird, eh?

    1. Yes, this bike moved on for my second bike, a 80's Kawasaki kz440 that I hardtailed and customized. This bike is sure to be a post at a later date!

  3. Your first motorcycle looks great! And it looks even better with the flame paint job you gave it. Now that’s what I call a road burner! I like what you did to the bike, lowering the tail and all. It made the bike to look a lot like a Harley. Anyway, what bike have you been driving lately? Does it look just as amazing as the first one?

    @Clare Westby