Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Blog Contributor

First off my name is Cole aka Hate Machine, Ive been following this blog for a long time and was happy when Jordan asked me to contribute to Antiquated Mule. I will be posting updates on the progress of my Mules (chopped 51 chev, 01 dyna T-sport) as well as all things Antiquated.....

Next week I'm going to Born Free 4 with Brian & Rob from 50's Haze.....  I will post pictures of all the shitty bikes as soon as I'm back !


  1. Welcome to the Mule, Cole. How long ago were you riding that dual overhead cam chop?

  2. FuKK Yeah! DudE!!

    we need proper muthafukkaz, who do shit and then post it. unlike myself. who does neither. Mad ProPS to ninja and the other contributors, who share their time and experiences, making this mule kikk ass. (heh heh)

    looking forward to following the mule to bornfree4!!!!

    and yeah, got anymore pics or build story for that rubber roastin' custom metric?