Monday, February 18, 2013

Gone Gone Ghetto Glide

Buy low sell high. Everyday I'm hustling. Sold off the Ghetto Glide last night for a tidy profit. I may be sorry someday, but with the California trip coming up this summer I wasn't gonna be getting in another big bike trip this year and couldn't stand to have that much money tied up in something that wasn't gonna get used. Sooo, the glide was picked up by a body man here in town who's sure to scrub the ghetto outta that glide like Richard Gere. Her new name is Pretty Woman.

Gonna put some money here and there, but a good chunk will go into the Panhead and a few bucks into paying off the F150, but I should have a decent nest egg squirreled away for maybe a sporty or something reliable come spring. Knowing me I'll probably blow it on a truck load of greasy half broken bobbles and trinkets. 

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