Monday, February 18, 2013

SGI Rate Hike!!!

SGI is proposing an insane rate increase on your motorcycle registration this year people. We need your voice to stop them. Email and tell them what you think. If passed your insurance will MORE THAN DOUBLE!!! Don't let SGI punish the 90% of safe riders out there for the actions of the crotch rocketing goofballs who are crashing their bikes. Seriously! We can still stop this. Let your voice be heard!!! Go now, email!!!! Ask all your friends to do the same!!!
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  1. Mules, followers, and enthusiasts.

    Engaged by ninja's enigmatic and jedi-like persuasion, I read the rate hike post and felt dutifully inspired. So i sat down at the ol' clickbox, aimed it at the man, and farted. The following letter was generated. I do not claim that it is anything special or insightful, but i feel that at this point it is more important to just register a reaction than to have an excellent and well planned argument. Just to vote yay er nay. But the time may come when we may need to be cohesive and articulate, so the more info we can share the better off we'll all be. So if you made a point to sgi, for the benefit of us all, lemme hear it. Then the next time i'm drinkin beer I can spout off your arguments instead of mine. Then I'll appear smarter.

    To whom it may concern,

    The proposed rate hike is incredible. It feels like gouging. It reeks of a cash grab. As a motorcyclist, my opinion is obviously biased, but i simply cannot believe that there is such significant expense to SGI from at fault motorcycle accidents caused the riders. It is an unfortunate fact that in the event of a collision, the motorcyclist in nearly always injured or killed. Our injury statistics must be staggering! I know there are accidents every year. Most commonly, caused by the driver of the automobile. Next, by inexperience riding. Thirdly and sadly, by alcohol related error. As a side note, the majority of accidents caused by rider inexperience, is not caused on big expensive machines, it is on machines less than 400cc. I make these comments based on reading and research I have done. Through said, i have also come to know, that the motorcycle is the safest vehicle on the road. Until the point of impact.

    Surely there is a way to lower the rates of accidents by creating mandatory training, and regulating size and use of the vehicle and rider. This should be win-win. Riders would save their skin, bones and bikes, and SGI would reduce payouts. A motorcycle is not a purely recreational vehicle. There are many practical and economic reasons for owning and operating. Most of the winter my operation of 4wd f-150 is recreational. All i do is drive it to work and back. I put the expense of that vehicle out on the road every day in winter, and maybe use the 4wd 5 or 10 times. Maybe haul something a dozen times. That is an impracticality. Yet, if the new rates were implemented, it would find me paying nearly $1000 in insurance to drive my $3000 motorcycle for 6 mo. out of the year. This seems profoundly skewed and unjust.

    Surely, lack of education and training should be the obstacle to motorcycle ownership, not the price of insurance.

    Fire your researchers, and grow up. Do something that counts- save lives before dollars.

    Billy Sastard

    oh, uhhh.... the gov't got my real name. You fukkers can keep guessing.