Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pan Parts Update

Looks like I'm going to be building every part of this beast from the ground up. Assembling the motor and the tranny, lacing the wheels and rebuilding the star hubs, assembling a Linkert m74B carb, and then all the other stuff that I've done before like rebuilding a clutch, brakes, wiring, yaddy yaddy yadah. It's actually pretty awesome, because by the time it's all together I'm hoping to have my first stage brown belt in Mule Wizardry.

Here's where we're at:
The Tranny is inventoried and cataloged. Just a few pieces to find at the swap meet and it can all go together again.

The motor is waiting on a different sized thrush washer so I can set the flywheel endplay and finally button up the fly wheel assembly safely inside the cases and start working on the cam gear assembly.
The heads are still in Toronto with Jason Parker getting turned into something awesome. Oversized valves, new valve springs, guides and a few repairs should make these things pound as hard as any shovel out there. Matched with a set of 9:1 compression Wiseco pistons we should make some smoke.


The wheels still need to be laced and I've decided not to use the late panhead, early shovelhead mid-star hub and drum brake and run the other older starhub I have instead. Need to find an older style brake now, but I want to keep this thing as Pantastic as possible.

The linkert carb is really just a chrome body with the venturi half sticking out, so I'm hoping to find a donor with all the right parts I can strip off at the swap.

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