Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monster Cruise Weekend Post

An XS650 custom From Toon Tune Cycle Service here in Saskatoon. Nice work by Graeme Rutherford.

A beauty from Northside Customs.Ninja and Keno Kickin it.
Love the swept 4 into 1.

Probably the sweetest Impala at the show.

A beautiful old Shovel care of a wizard.

A Custom creation by Martensville's HamBone Customs.

A few nice entries from the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group including this 750 Guzzi Ambassador.

Beautiful Flathead. Didn't catch the year.

Loved this cut convertable chev.

This candy Camero was too good to resist. Velvet everywhere including under the hood.

Probably my favorite thing at the show. An Ariel with a triumph engine swap.

Antiquated? Oh no. This mule is pure breed 409.

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  1. Saw that Impala in Wakaw. Took the same pic of the taillights as you. Have you ever seen a car more perfect in every detail? They don't even come out of the factory that clean. Apparently the Canadian version didn't have as much chrome on it.