Wednesday, August 26, 2009

West coast to Saskatoon

A sweatin thee balls off!!! Mini van too busy watchin the DVD, not the car in front!
Nowhere land Alberta. Whole trip, Salt water to Saskatoon = 1800km.


  1. NIICCE! How'd that geezer freightliner roll for ya. Was the AC working? Snack bar filled? bed turned down at night? No wonder you were so f'ing hot. You're riding behind the broad side of a barn. Get some wind in the teeth and cool off. Super jealous. looks like a sweat ride. yip...sweat.

  2. T'was a bit of a tank. (Perhaps shouldn't haul so much beer) But due to new steering geometry, easier to ride than my shadow. We also played musical bikes every fillup as the custom seat on the Dyna is "more custom/less seat". Almost wore the fur right off me arse! In retrospect, probably shoulda wore pants with the chaps.

  3. harararar! Pants with the chaps! Thanks for the pics! looks like an super good ride.