Saturday, August 29, 2009

RedLine Harley Davidson Party

Every year Redline Harley Davidson in Saskatoon throws a huge party for all the folks who bought a bike. Beers, bikes, bands and roast pigs, Nik and Kathy put on a killer spread of good times. Not only do they pay for a killer party, but they give away a $30,000 Harley every year too. This year it was a tricked out Screamin' Eagle everything, Rocker. For four years running now DuKeeps and Ninja's band have been playin' tunes for the show and last night we did it again.


  1. I muss say i'twas bloody brilliant!

  2. Fuck! Looks like that was fukkin rad. Sorry i never made it, i fukkin forgot about it until the day of. Rock out witcho cock out!