Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bagged me a bagger

Not really sure how to say it, but I bought a big ol' Winnebago of a steamboat. Aaaaaoooooogaaahhh!! Lee hooked me up with the 411 of a guy he works with who had this SGI Salvage special. He'd bought it and rode it around for a year or so all banged up and then dumped it again breaking even more of the chomey bits off. Enter 10 Ninjas. Hey how the hell else do you expect a single income family man to afford to buy two Harleys in the one year? So I sold off the Honda and basically traded that bike straight across for this 2003 Harley Davidson FLHT Electra Glide Standard. She's not much of a looker just yet, but with a little elbow grease and some help from friends it'll get me sailing in comfort this summer. So without further adieu let me introduce the latest horse in the 10Ninjas stable, the Ghetto Glide.

First order of business was to remove some chrome. Chrome won't get you home so it's gotta go.
Next was to glue the right side bag back together. Had all the pieces so I glued it all back and then reinforced it with some plastic slabs bolted through the pieces. Hoping that'll hold it all together. Soooo Ghetto.


  1. hey, no one can faultcha for jumpin on a cheap harley. what moterzat have, the 88? i'm coming to your house this morning at 11:20am, to see that fat fukker. then i have to go to work so you better put beer in your coffee pot.

  2. soooo, no vincent black shadow, then? pity.

    you are going to spend whats left of your 30's, figgering ways to get that fat bitch on a diet, ain'tcha?

    i'm not dissin'! my ace is a bit of a bagger. some nice long lines there eH?, how long izzat swingarm gonna last? harharhararar!