Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy exploding clutch baskets, Batman

Uhh...soooo, I uh blew up my clutch. I know, I know. I was literally minutes away from the greatest motorcycle ride of my life. The dickhead I bought the "complete running clutch" and primary drive from neglected to include a few items, some of which were discovered when I was putting the drive line together. These were scavenged from Brian's stash and it all went together. The part that was not identified as missing was the retainer plate and retainer springs. You know, the thing that keeps the clutch basket from becoming a Gatling gun shooting bearings at your clutch plates. Without it it makes a real mess as you can imagine. But you don't have to imagine because it happened to me and I took a picture.

Yeah see those bearings shouldn't be seen in those holes. Ultimately its my fault. Always remember when purchasing used parts off the internet that you should check the exploded diagrams to make sure you have ALL the necessary bits and bobs. Otherwise you'll be looking at your own 3D version of the exploded diagram on the shed floor.

I'll be posting progress of the great clutch explosion of 2012.

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