Saturday, April 14, 2012

Show highlights

Here's some highlights from the bike show so far.

First, Cory T's CB750 rebuild. I think Cory has had this bike a while, but completely rebuilt it into this masterpiece over winter. The paint, by Cole, is unbelievable. Great bike.

Next up is Csik's insane in the brain bike. The level of detail on this ride is mind blowing. So so so so sick it's indescribable. My pick for best in show fo sho!

Another favorite is Sluggo's Junk Yard Dog. Although not an official entry this year due to another month of work or so needed for wiring and a few other essentials, but a great budget chop. Sluggo's joining a pack of shovel's and pans for a journey south this summer to Sturgis on this ankle biter. So jealous.

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