Sunday, April 8, 2012

The great exploding clutch caper continues...

Ok. So I was able to scavenge all the clutch parts I needed to rebuild the exploded mess I'd created on Friday from Brian's stash of bits. Thank you. Also got to see Csik's insane CB550 and holy fuck we all might as well just quit now cuz it is off the fucking hook!!! wow.

So with the clutch back together I was feeling pretty good, but when I went to kick the engine over the kicker arm is still not engaging the counter shaft to spin the whole works over. Hmmm. Something in the kicker cover I missed?

So with the cover back open everything looks fine, but with a little logic I started to question why the starter gear was able to be turned by hand. Oh my! that's not good. Turns out there's a little key (seen on the starter clutch at the top of the counter shaft threads in the pic) that is most likely stripped, but to see for sure I'll have to get a gear puller on it and yank it off. So the caper continues another day. Good night and happy Easter.

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  1. fuckk dude! glad to hear you gettin'r sorted. im so stoked for ya, an' i'm livin your triumph vicariously.