Sunday, September 30, 2012

American Made

Went to ride the Ghetto Glide about a week ago and found that it wouldn't shift. The rear linkage off the tranny shaft was stripped...suddenly. Turns out this is a very common problem if you don't tighten that arm like once a month. So no problem I'll just pop it off and get a new one.....see pictures below


Turns out there's not enough clearance between the rear primary cover and the tranny shaft to get the lever off. So you need to remove the entire primary drive assembly which means you also need to remove the floor boards, the rear peg mounts, and yes even the starter to access this tiny lever. Now that's some good money making engineering for the stealerships. But I've bested them and done it all myself.

I talked to the guy at Redline when I picked up the overpriced replacement parts and he said I got a bargain. If I'd had them do it it would have been a $1200-$1300 job. Holy crap!!!

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