Tuesday, September 18, 2012

True Blue

Funny how shit works sometimes. I never thought I'd ever get a Panhead project in my hands, but as of today I'm working with, albeit the muttiest damn pan on earth, but a Pan project nevertheless. Sold Dale at just the right time, made the right drunken pitch for Brian to sell me one of his 4 generator mills, something shiny dangled in front of his face, and whammo! Welcome home Panhead. 

 Seriously, though this would not have been made possible if my man Jessop hadn't made a fucking amazing package deal up for me. I'm drinkin' to you tonight, sir (I was drinkin' anyway).  You're true blue, mate. I won't forget it. Cheers!

Now what are we lookin at here? Good question. Here's the rundown. Let's start with the motor. Today I brought home a basket bottom end of a Panhead. Left case is a '51 and the right a '64 (hey I warned you it was a mutt). I've got the flywheels, cam side gears, etc. pretty much complete. Brian also threw in lifter blocks, pushrods, and a set of shovel jugs and pistons in case I can't wait and go to a PanShovel setup. Just looking for heads and rocker boxes yet.

The frame is a '58 Panhead frame I got from the Red Deer swap last year. Its Stretched in the down tubes and backbone just a bit and raked. It will remain a swinger with those little sprung strut things. I traded a 35mm front end for it. Habahaha. The forks are chromed 33's with 6" over tubes. These and the Juice drum brake on the 16" wheel from the first pic I got from Brian at the Chop Meet. Looking to transfer the Juice drum to a 19" Akront Shouldered Rim that's on it's way from outta town. The front wheel is a 19 Dunlop with a hallcraft mini drum. I'm hoping to get a 1.60 21" rim to lace the hub to. Tank is a fiberglass sporty. Might go for a frisco style narrowed sporty later on...{sneezing}HamBone-. So there we go. A long road ahead, but it's Jordan's Panhead.


  1. Hot damn man, I'm excited to see what you can do with it.

  2. Beyond stoked for you brother. Your one of the few that i like to pass the good stuff to cuz i know you'd do the same and i know you'll do em justice. Cant wait to see it come together.

  3. Hell yeah! That's awesome man! I'll be following along watching this all come together.