Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taking a lot of time

Well it seems like I haven't got shit done  and that is why I haven't posted much. But Ninjas is always givin me shit so here you go. The comet Traveller has had some fiberglass work done to it and though I don't have a pic for you the bottom has gotten paint turned out pretty good (I'll get a pic in here when I can).
Above is phase 1
below is phase two.

I took the trailer apart, a good thing too. I found that the one bolt holding the tongue to the rest of the trailer was a bit small for the hole and had worn almost all the way through so I had to replace it with a couple of much larger bolts.

I got it back together a couple weeks back and it's now functional (including lights) and got some help getting the hull back on the trailer last week.

I've pushed back the christening date a few times but I've only got phase 3 to 14 left to go. I really only get  and day every couple of weeks to work on it cause it is in toon town and I am not so considering that I've made decent progress. When she's done she'll be the sweetest water mule on the blog

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