Thursday, September 6, 2012

Come on old girl.

Got some help last night with the Shovel. I got it static timed and still had trouble starting. Found the front spark to be weak. Changed out the wire and no change. Brian brought me a replacement coil and we tinkered with the timing a bit. *BooM* fired it up here today first kick. Fuck yeah. Still have an intake leak despite changing the rubber rings for bands. Might be the manifold/carb ring seal. I've got one somewhere in my moving madness, but it'll wait. Might have it to a point where it'll make it to the south end of town. Chop Meet here I come? Went for a bit of a cruise after work and man it felt good.

Oh and I met the new neighbors tonight about two minutes after shooting this video. Cindy came by in her jammies tonight around ten to politely introduce herself as an early to bed kinda lady. Uhhh...yer gonna need to chill, cuz this is gonna get loud. heheheh. 

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