Friday, June 3, 2011

rise and fall

So I finally got this old riser clamp that I've been waiting on. good deal but it took forever to get here. Sooo it was time to remove the old 1" standard risers from the wg trip.

but these fuckers a rusted in goooooood aaaand the allen hex is stripped to shit....on both...not me...

so some ingenuity. first try welding a bent 1/2 rod to it....nope busted the weld..wouldn't let go.

fine. so I drilled the bitch out.

gett'em drilled out and here's what the clamp'll look like. Hey BriaN remember when you said today, "you need any triple riser bushings?" as we were looking at a pair in R&L today? yeah, well the answer is...yes...I needed them.,..

now to whip up a set of 2 piece low rise stainless z bars


  1. uuhhh..... that looks cool. ...whatcha makin? well bars, eh? but... I dont follow....

  2. okay. I've added words. try again.

  3. Haha I knew you'd need em!