Friday, June 17, 2011

Papa Bear's new springer

Went out for an evening bug smash last night with Papa Bear and his new (to him) Heritage Springer. I dig the old school grips and fish tail pipes (hidden amongst the many tassels!). Pretty comfy ride! Long and low. Goin down the highway it kinda feels like the old Cadillacs and Lincolns, just floatin. Told him he's not allowed to take the Geezer Glide to Jasper in Aug, he has to ride the Springer.


  1. Very nice. Yeah park the wienerbago and cruise this thing, Denis. Or...Maybe Mama bear needs to claim this one for her own. That'd leave me free to move in on that dyna. Heheh

  2. You back off that Dyna!

    Mama Bear is likely to take the Springer on road trips, but is keeping the Dyna for now. I'm still trying to call dibs (with limited success) on it when it does go.

  3. Greedy greedy greedy. A guy who just brought home a FXWG this year should let others benefit from overstocked garages.