Thursday, June 16, 2011


Uhhhm. wow. I'm not really sure where to start with this one. I'm not a huge hockey guy despite the national stereotype that all Canadians can skate like the Rocket and score like Gretzky (see the Bruins roster for examples of Canadians who can do these things). That said, I can't say I was unaware of our Canucks standings nor that I wasn't disappointed to hear that they'd lost the Cup. But to wake-up this morning to these assholes pasted on the CBC news feed made me kinda sick.

My first reaction was that Jocks hadn't changed much from when I was in High School and that Drunk Jocks will really never change. But after pulling back from my own generalizations I began to notice the pricks in the pics were far from athletes. They were in fact douche bags. What a bunch of wankers to think that in a modern city like Vancouver they'd be able to go flipping cars, smashing personal property, and looting without getting photographed. What fucking millennium do you live in? I hope all the internet pics help to ID these dip-shits and that they're prosecuted to the full extent of our lax-ass laws. Here's a story and link to a facebook group aimed at IDing those unCanadians responsable for the caos. Go get'em. As for the Bruins fans out there, congratulations on a well deserved, well played season of hockey.

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  1. lookit those grungy muthafuggaz. they're obviously from seattle.