Thursday, June 23, 2011



  1. Harararar!!! thats fukkin funny. althought there is nothing funny about crashing a motorcycle, its the bikes themselves that are amusing. i will state the obvoius to avoid accruing bad karma or jinxing by laughing at this. also....
    WTF happened? the red and white bikes front wheel just folds out from underneath in a nanosecond of cruel fate? any speculations into what went on? I've never myself raced a track so it seems rill weerd to mee.

    on second inspection, could it be too sharp an application of front brake?...

  2. Yeah. that's some funny shit. Not sure what it was he thought he was gonna do...hop back on and win the race?

    As for the mystery cause of the crash, it looks to me like he actually slid that superbike with some bonspiel precision right into biker no.2. Hurry Hard! Right on the button!