Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solid Gold Prize

We talk about a lotta shiny turds on thEmuLe cuz most of us'd be lucky to find enough money for another beer let alone another bike. Amidst the shop shit I've got this hand made headlight mount. Came with a box of shit blah blah blah. It's the wonkyest fucking hack job of a part I've ever seen. Nothin's center'd. The thing was bent with a sledge hammer and it looks like it was shaped with a jigsaw. Don't get me wrong. I've shaped some gnarly brackets and mounts in my day. some real lemons, but I never chromed them...Buddy chromed it. Yes'sir. Some dude made this giant turd of a light mount and thought, yeah, I'm gonna pay to get this puppy chromed!
Nice one. This years award for the shiniest piece of turd goes to the maker of THIS shit!


  1. Sooooo, is it for sale or what??

  2. does it work?? lol... have to admit I laid a turd or two

  3. For sale? Dude! The box'o'shit came from your place! Harararar!
    jus' kiddin' Long live awards fer TERD!!!!!!

  4. Hahah. No this turd did not come from Loco's Garage. It was an Alberta turd I smuggled over the provincial border.