Saturday, July 28, 2012

A fine day for the Gravel Gang

 Billy, Me and Du Keeps took the better part of the day to ride motorcycles which I highly recommend doing as opposed to wrenching, packing, or pretty much anything else.
Started the ride right with a little T-Ho's at 9am.

If you know anything about Saskatchewan Highways (or Saskatchewan in general) you know Flat and Straight. But if you know a lot about Saskatchewan Highways then you stick to the old highways and things get fun. Dodging what they call "failed surface" keeps you plenty engaged in the ride. Basically makes twisties out of an otherwise straight road with a good whack to the kidneys ever once in a while when you miss a zig or a zag. However, you need to be not so afraid of what we call the grid roads. Gravel sections are common and unexpected in a lot of cases. You grow to appreciate them as they're actually the best sections of road usually. Saskatchewan has the largest municipal (grid) road network in Canada, totaling 165,000 km and ultimately these roads run through the best parts of this incredibly beautiful province. quit being a puss and ride the gravel, people. You'll thank me. It's rad.

To be honest, big twins make the best dirt bikes because of the torque. We were doing gravel burn outs all day long, which make let smoke, but the dust clouds are tremendous, not to mention the rocks that chip paint on other peoples shit. hahahah.

We cruised out to Manitou Beach for a beer at the best looking bar we'd seen in a while and had a burger at the beach shack. No pics unfortunately. Great scenery, seriously. Let's go back soon.


Billy and Du Keeps will have to finish this post as I cut out after about 5 hours and headed back to town and they headed to Du Keeps cabin at Wakaw for family time and Drunken Water Skiing. Thanks for the ride, boys. Much needed.

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  1. Yeah, some amazing Sask scenery. Especially liked the fist time the gravel turned back into "pavement" east of Kenaston. Where the hills on both sides of the road looked like an inside-out golf ball. Hundreds of perfect domes. What I wouldn't give to take a dirt bike out on those!

    Sorry no pics of the rest of the day. Too bad b/c there were some hard crashes off the ski that I wouldn't have minded seeing right-side-up. Thought my UGG (United Grain Growers) hat was a goner.