Friday, July 27, 2012

Garage Tour

    A lot of my friends have bike projects on the go so last night I spent the evening riding from garage to garage checking them out....
   First stop was Wreckers, after blowing up his shovel engine he decided to buy a brand new Ultima 96 shovel. Open belt drive, kick start, and possibly a complete paint job this winter.


    Next I was of to Greasers Garage... he is just finishing up some last minute things on the Hot Tramp before Sturgis. While checking over the bike I noticed this new little detail...

Merk Bros. Kustoms
    Then I headed over to Sliders Garage where Sluggo was cursing the motorcycle gods as the trans on the Junk Yard Dog piled up a week before Sturgis..  a few people might have a spare trans he can buy. I also got to see the progress on Sliders chopper, the Steam Punk ! so cool 


    The last stop was at Jessops Garage. Believe it or not he was in there drinking a beer and staring at the freshly mocked up chops haha. There is always something Cool to look at in Brian's Garage !

     With Robins pan blown up again, Jordan's shovel giving him Trouble, and Jesse electra glide in pieces its been a bad summer for old bikes. I think the moral of this post is that my Bros need to do Less wrenching in the Summer and a lot more Riding.


  1. Damn that's kinda depressing actually. For a summer where we all thought we'd be cruisin' in style there sure is a lotta heart ache. Maybe next summer. I guess that's what happens when you put a box of greasy harley together. Takes a while to get it right. thanks for the tour.

  2. Wrecker want to sell that blown shovelhead motor?