Monday, July 16, 2012

So I crashed so what.

Well there's a first for everything.

No broken bones just some road rash
Lee from Hambone Kustoms


  1. no good mate.
    crashes suck balls.

    keep those wounds clean and dry, hope you recover fast.

  2. dude that SUCKS! What happened! glad to hear road rash (although not fun) was the worst of it. What were you riding?

  3. so what happened? or we not talkin about it yet...

    I've gone down a coupla times, once cornering a little hard and some part of my cm400t make contact with the road. Then it jumped out from underneath me. Another time i was tired and not paying attention. a guy pulled over to the right at an intersection. No signal, so i thought he was gonna turn right. So i grabbed a mitt full of 400cc power and went to zip past him. Turns out when he pulled to the right it was the start of his u-turn. I smoked his driverside front fender of his caddy. I went over the hood and summersaulted into the air. I remember looking up between by boots and seeing bluesky and tree tops. Then i landed very briefly on my feet. And then skidded the skin off my knees. earned a broken wrist in there somewhere, and a summer on e.i.

    howed yer cbr fair?