Thursday, July 26, 2012

Suburbian Disorder and Social Distortion

So after a lot of humming and hawing the family and I have decided to go back to our roots, move away from the city's core, and back into suburbia where both my wife and I grew-up. I'm a child of the '70's and 80's and like most kids my age (35 if you must know and yes, still a kid) I don't remember many times outside the suburban sprawl. A perfect environment to build  anti-establishment values. Strip malls, parking lots, manicured lawns and rounded curbs.

The wife and I have found a nice solid late '70's bungalow on a quiet street between the mall and the elementary school. Perfect for raising disturbed youth. The boys will be hating my buttoned down lifestyle my September and calling me a fascist by Christmas. Ahh childhood. Our life, I imagine, will look something like this:

We take hold of our plastic fantastic world mid-August so if anyone with a truck, trailer, Mule, or covered wagon has a minute we'd love a hand getting our needless possessions from A to B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l land of Jones's.


  1. Things could be somehow worse, dig the little 'ratbag' on the trike . . .

  2. bwaahahahaw!, an Hararar! WTF are you talking about? Sounds like yer movin. Congratz! It jus'so happenz Sr. generously allowed me to abscond with his f-150. 4x4, with over 350k, and a manifold tick. bona fied mule. I'b be happy to haul your greasy junk (and your stuff to) to your new location. dont suppose yer any closer to alphabet street, eh?

  3. @billy Right arm, bro. Thanks Good to hear you got a new hauler too. No closer to the hood, I'm afraid. As the post suggests we're heading away from the downtown action into the Heights, Lawson to be precise. Just extends my morning ride to work so there's nothing wrong with that. We move on the 18th of August so just keep that mule running 'til then. cheers, bud.